The basic Empower indoor curriculum is organized around learning centers in a

hands-on, child-directed environment. We have many permanent centers,

including art, practical life, language, writing easel, math, manipulatives,

blocks, books, and a dining room. The learning centers (both permanent

and rotating) are a constant challenge for the Empower teachers to keep

fun and interesting. This task is accomplished by assigning each teacher

specific areas that they are responsible for throughout the school year.

Each teacher rotates educational materials and activities on a monthly basis,

utilizes Empower's inventory of materials, and creates new materials for the

learning centers.

Here we have five groups INFANTS, TODDLERS, JUNIOR K.G., SENIOR


INFANTS activities consists of songs, rhymes & actions, educational toys,

cutting, pasting and colouring., making play dough shapes, paddling in a pool

(only in summer) Dressing up a doll….. etc.


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